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Company history

Bieri Pumpenbau AG was established in 1919. The company achieved a leading position in the Swiss market with the production of pumps for domestic applications, the municipal sector and industry.

From the early sixties to the mid eighties the company enjoyed a strong expansion phase. New business premises were built, several subsidiaries were established, and export business was substantially expanded via agency arrangements. The company has attained its position as the market leader because of the high quality of its pumps and because of the know-how and commitment of its employees.

In 1993 Bieri Pumpenbau AG was acquired by the Danish pump maker Grundfos in order to safeguard the high market share in Switzerland. First, Bieri Pumpenbau AG realigned itself to concentrate on its core business, namely the supply of pumps for building technology applications.

In 1997 an enterprise culture based on the principles of TQM was introduced. The Biral Group has since undergone continuous further development and has become one of the most successful entities within the Grundfos Group.