Biral - Mehr als Pumpen


Production represents an important factor for the success of our company. Pumps for a wide variety of applications are produced on an area of 9'000 m2. Our 70 highly-motivated and qualified employees ensure the high quality and reliability of our products in the fields of production, logistics, purchasing and apprentice training.

The modern range of machines adapted to our needs for component manufacture enables us to respond flexibly and quickly to the requirements and requests of customers. Modern management techniques and efficient working procedures ensure short processing times and a high delivery readiness.
Our range of machines is also available for job order production.

The pumps are assembled, tested, sprayed and packed in flexible manufacturing cells. The production lines are arranged so that they can be converted within the shortest possible time. Our assembly teams ensure the high quality of our products.
You can gain an insight into our production during a tour of the company. Please contact us.

The Biral company is a successful training concern. We provide instruction for 15 apprentices in three occupational sectors (polymechanics, logistics and industrial spraying). Modern training on the latest machines provides our economy with the necessary future professional personnel and strengthens the Swiss workplace.

For the active reduction of CO2 emissions the Biral company has signed a target agreement with the federal government.
Half of our power consumption is provided by eco-systems supplying 520'000 kWh.
Spraying of the pumps has recently been converted to paint free from solvents. Further investments in an energy-efficient infrastructure, alternative heating systems and the application of solar energy are planned.