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Mini-energy pumps

Maximum efficiency pumps with energy label A

As inventor of the energy saving pump with permanent magnet technology, Biral is now offering a complete range of Mini-Energy pumps complying with EU energy label A.

Our A-pumps have now been supplemented with the AX 12 and AX 13 series. These high efficiency pumps have been specifically designed with regard to delivery capacities for applications in homes for one or two families. They combine maximum energy efficiency and the latest technology with outstanding user-friendliness.

Good reasons for an AX-pump:

  • Save energy and costs by minimum power consumption from 5 W.
  • Additional energy saving by thermally insulating casings fitted as standard.
  • Additional energy saving by automatic night-time reduction.
  • Information on LED-display with indication of present power consumption.
  • Simple operation with a control button, control characteristic can be selected.
  • Simple fitting by compact construction.
  • Variable by adjustable proportional, constant pressure control or constant speed.
  • Various construction lengths of 130 mm, 170 mm and 180 mm can be supplied.
  • High quality, manufactured and tested in Switzerland.