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New highly efficient cold water pumps

Highly efficient mini energy pumps – also operational up to -10°C

The engineers and technicians of Biral in Münsingen, Berne, have succeeded in developing a new highly-efficient mini energy pump for air-conditioning and cooling. With recessed installation of the controls, the formation of condensation in the electronics is no longer an issue. Manufacturers can now obtain an energy-efficient, safe and space-saving pump, which can even be used in heat pumps, thanks to the specially developed dual-chamber system.

The pioneer among energy-saving heat circulation pumps

As the inventor of the energy-saving pump with permanent magnet technology, the Swiss company now offers a complete graduated series in accordance with EU energy label A. Energy-efficiency has been a high priority for Biral AG for a long time. Biral set the standards many years ago with the development of the first highly efficient circulation pump: In 2000, Biral was awarded the Wuppertal Energy and Environment prize as well as the Swiss Prix Eta Plus for its MC 10 heat circulation pump.

Out of eight invitations to tender, eight of these clients were supplied with highly efficient pumps. In many cantons, public tenders are no longer permitted without A-label pumps. Energy costs are also becoming more important. With A-pumps an average of up to 70% in energy costs can be saved on the pump.

Safety also at media temperatures up to -10°C

It is known that problems occur at levels below 15°C, with electronics becoming damaged or failing completely due to the formation of condensation water. The engineers and technicians in Aaretal have succeeded in solving this problem using the dual-chamber system. The range of highly efficient A-pumps has therefore been extended to include the fields of cooling and air-conditioning.

New highly efficient cold water pumps with recessed installation of electronics

The new A 402 V2 KW to A 652 V2 KW mini energy pumps have been developed for temperatures of the flow mediums up to -10°C. They combine the highest level of energy efficiency with the most up-to-date permanent magnet technology and excellent user-friendliness.  Failure due to the formation of condensation in the electronics is no longer an issue with these Biral pumps, as the electronics can be installed in a recessed design, thereby eliminating major temperature fluctuations. Precise control characteristics can therefore be set via the integrated service panel. Adjustments can be made to the proportional and constant pressure as well as constant speed. The new A-series may be fitted with an additional control or display.

New highly efficient, compact cold water pump generally for use in heat pumps

A special dual-chamber system has been developed from sizes A 12 KW – A 16-2 KW / A 401 V2 KW. This variant offers the optimum solution for heat pump manufacturers. An energy-efficient, safe and space-saving pump.

Dual-chamber system:
1) Cold chamber – fluid side
2) “Hot” chamber – electronics side
3) Decoupling the hot chamber from the media temperature by removing cold bridges
3) Interrupting the air circulation with an interim flange