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Online PumpSelector program

Biral’s PumpSelector – now online at

The quick and easy way to find the pump you need for your application.
Biral’s online PumpSelector is the quick and easy way to choose the pump you need for your application – available now online...

The user-friendly interface leads you simply and directly to your chosen target. You can choose whether to select a pump via the type of hydraulic operation, the area of application or directly via its product name and item number.
Simple operation
It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to reach the PumpSelector dialogue box, the heart of the program that contains all the productrelevant information and literature, such as:
  • Invitations to tender
  • help you prepare a submission
  • Data sheets
  • all the main data at a glance
  • Operating cost calculator
  • shows the expected lifecycle costs

Comparison of circulating pump models
The “Pump Exchange” heading allows you to input an exchange pump in the transaction. By entering the pump to be replaced, the program offers a substitute product depending on the installation and power data.

Any questions?
Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about the PumpSelector; they can also conduct training sessions on Biral products and the PumpSelector. Please contact us.

Biral online PumpSelector
  • Saves time when preparing tenders – invitations to tender are simple to export.
  • Access to the latest data – no need to store information on pump updates on the computer.
  • Adapts to your situation choosing a pump is straightforward and reliable.
  •  Product-relevant information at a glance – compact display on one screen.